Agent Bob - Making it easy to monitor activity on your Mac.

Agent Bob invisibly records all the activity on your computer so that you (the owner) know exactly what your kids are doing.

Protect Your Children

Young people today spend a lot of time on the internet. They are often more skilled on the computer than their parents. While the internet has a lot of positive things to offer, it also presents dangers. Parents typically have an incomplete picture of their children's online activities.

How It Works

Agent Bob keeps a complete log of EVERY keystroke that is typed, including everything that is deleted or trashed.

Agent Bob also records the screen image every few seconds as a slide show/video.

Simply Put - you can see everything the user has looked at and everything the user has typed.

Easy to Use

The Agent Bob Control Panel is simple and intuitive - no expertise required to install or use.

Try Before You Buy

Agent Bob is shareware. Download the free trial version and try it for yourself.

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